I am a Feminist Scholar, Activist, and Author focused on human rights, gender justice, and religion. I currently wear many hats. I am a part-time instructor at Ursuline College in the Department of Religion, Doctoral (Post-Graduate) Student at Durham University, Co-Founder of the Gender Justice Dialogue Project, and Assessment Author and Editor for Ohlinger Publishing.

As a permanent contributor to the International Feminism and Religion Project, my voice reaches 181 countries. As an activist, I recently had the high honor of presenting a paper at the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women on the issue of migrant female workers and the negative impact of globalization. As a scholar, I consulted on a documentary about the Hagia Sophia and was interviewed for a documentary about Women and Religion in the 21st Century. As a writer, I have several articles under publication, a chapter in an upcoming Anthology on Feminism and Religion in the 21st Century, an Instructor’s Manual to supplement a World Religions Textbook (published by Pearson Publishing), and composed several Book Reviews.

My doctoral studies focus in antiquity, especially Ancient Israel, Egypt, and Near East. Many of the conflicts in the Middle East and gendered violence or injustice stem from stories passed down through religion, especially the Bible. By examining literary theory, historicity, symbolism, myth, and using other exegetical tools, texts are understood ideologically and contextually. Through these methods, voices are reclaimed and dialogue can occur with a deeper understanding.

Specialties: Gender justice, human rights, gendered violence and religion, religion and the role of women – with an emphasis on the biblical text and ecclesiastical structures, historical theology and biblical interpretation, literature and culture of Egypt and the Ancient Near East, Biblical archaeology, literary discourse and early Jewish identity.


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